Pet-Artwork Studio - the original brand for jewellery of pet wool and hair.
In 2014 I celebrated my 5th anniversary.

Professional creation of jewellery and accesoires from brushed out wool of YOUR pet.
As light as a feather and as precious as diamonds. Just unique artworks!.

Animal and nature are in the center of my art and my art craft.

The animal inspires me to artful expressions, which will transpire the individual out of every creature.

The form of expression start at the visual exposure on a classical portrait and leads to Small Art Decorations as well as animal jewellery above the visual aspects.

Almost all of my pieces are unique, made by indivual wishes. Or they are series in limited editions, all to be combined on a certain presentation level.

Ever effective emotional and amorous and – like with “Small Art” as well as in an architectural space.

Animal portrait:
For animal portraits I offer big displays on a classical portrait with different paint techniques as well as miniatures in many varities. It is the principle of the portrait, that they will accent the character of their modell.

Jewellery made out of animal hair and animal wool:
My animal hair jewellery is rising above the visual.

I craft wonderful wool or hair from your beloved dog or cat, so that the speciality of the wool or hair will express themself by a natural way. That´s why my Pet Artwork uniques are reclining on art phenomena of past epoches. I will give the material - in that case animal wool and hair - a new context.

In the friendship cult of the “Biedermeier” epoche, jewellery made out of human beeing hair was very famous and valuable. It correspond with human imagination hair would be like a cover which was able to carry the soul.

Thats´s why my jewellery made out of dog and cat wool and hair is like an aesthetic transformation, which honours the relationship to the animal in a very special and unique way. Most of my clients feel like this, that this jewellery expresses a very close relationship and their love to the animal.

Small Art with animal themes:
Small Art is more than just an object for decoration with a picture. It´s a fusion from a picture and a three dimensional presentation object to an unit. Small Art objects link to that, what is important to you and your life. In fact, it stands for your sense of significance!

Every day a little picture in oil on canvas (20 x 20 cm / 8 x 8 inch) will be produced in the artist´s workshop – the daily painting!

Every painting is either an order by a client and reserved, or it´s free work on which you are able to set an offer to buy. All works start at 60,- €.
Get a portrait of your beloved pet!

For the Daily Paintings there is an extra homepage: every day I will present the actual oil on canvas in the Animal Art Daily Painting Blog. Click here! TIERKUNST DAILY PAINTING BLOG.

Classical portraits


Small Art

Daily Painting


Either portrait, animal hair jewellery or Small Art – my work is mainly an artful expression from the character of natural materials in a new time and expression from the relationship between a person and his beloved animal as well as a sign of the individuality!

An artful expression, which not only will decorate, but delivers a lot of happiness.

This is my art – a living art.
An art only produced for you!

In my Pet Artwork studio I produce very special Dreamcatchers since 2014.

A portrait of a dog (or a cat or horse) will be made in oil on a round canvas plate. This portrait will be connected and surrounded by a ring which will be tied around with the felted wool of the animal.
Additional there are many decorations possibilities like pearls, silver elements, feathers and coat perls made out of the wool from your animal.

An unique memory or a fantastic gift.
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Portrait Wooden Plates
Your beloved darling painted in oil on wood, cut outlined.

Available in different sizes. Usable as “Welcome plate” besides a door, as coat or key rack (with hooks).
Wooden plates are water - and weatherproof, resistant until a certain point. After the wet paint is dry, I will seal them with a special boat finish.

All I need is one or more nice picture of your dog, cat, horse or another animals.

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Wooden Shields

Maybe a wonderful piece of your beloved pet will be in your home very soon. Either as jewellery – or Portrait!

I am looking forward to your call or email!