Give someone a Gift Certificate for an one of a kind present!

Brush the dog or cat of your friend secretly and surprise him or her afterwards with special piece of jewellery on his or her birthday, Christmas or on a special event day.
This will be for the sure the most unique and fancy gift of your life! Guaranteed!

All I need is the name of the person und the amount you want to spend, and I am able to produce a Gift Certificate which can be send by email or even already printed via mail.
Payment will be made in advance by bank transfer or Paypal.

Interesting stuff:

In animal kingdom coat always is a symbol and it marks breed and position, tells you something about strength, health and beauty. In ancient years, human beings tried to copy the attributes of the animals for example by braiding animal coat into the own hair or by creating ancient jewellery.
Hair was considering as home of spiritual power.
Even hair of humans was considered a higher relevance. So hairstyles often told you more about your cultural background. For example often seen by egyptian or earlier roman displays. Hair of a human being was often used as a material to make jewellery.

Photo Copyright: Museum Isny

To the left:
Brooch with hair of human
being around 1840

To the right:
Earrings made out of human hair – braided. Around 1840

Photo Copyright: Museum Isny