Wide bracelet with leather and coat and other bracelets.
That´s how you measure the right way!

I am aware of the different measure units between Europe and the U.S.A
If you are able to measure it in the metric system – that would be fine. If not, please send me your measure unit in inches etc. I will converte it into our metric system!

Measure your wrist right there where the bracelet will be taken on later. Please be aware, bracelets are apprx. 4-5 cm in it´s width. Please measure not wright at the beginning of the wrist, but maybe 2 cm higher to get the (in between) result.
The extension of a bracelet is always around 15 – 23 cm. Of course it can be bigger or smaller.

I will create a so called „Wrist Dummy“ with the extension input you gave me.
If you like, you although could cut a thick piece of paper with a width of 4-5 cm and wrap it around your wrist. At the point where it gets to together, that is the correct extension of your wrist.

I already have a lot of different wrist dummies.
On the wrist dummy, I will work on your personal and very special bracelet.

If the bracelet doesn´t fit, your measuring was unfortunatly incorrect!