Deliver Service

If you live in the area of Frankenthal/Rheinland Pfalz, I can deliver your order personal to your home. I am looking forward to meet you and get to know your pet personally.

Therefore please ask for an appointment. Call me or send an email.

Thank you!

Repair & Refurbishment

If something happens to your piece of art, if it fells down or something is broken etc. please send it back to the Pet Artwork Studio. I will fix the piece for you.

I even offer a refurbishment service once in the jewellery´s lifetime free of charge (excluding shipping costs). Because it can happen to a piece to be used up by using it day by day by day (for example keychains).

As I mentioned – costs for shipping will be charged.
Gift Certificate
Make someone the gift of a „Pet Artwork Gift Certificate“.
It will be issued individually if you are to late with your gift or if you not sure what´s
the person´s favorite piece of Pet Artwork.
Gift Certificates can be send by mail – already printed - or email (PDF) to print them by yourselves.