SMALL ART - that is art for decoration in a very small size with beautiful dog, cat or horse pictures.

Big pictures need big walls. What do you do, if you don´t have enough space to hang those? Your solution is:
SMALL ART - Little pictures for small walls. Every piece is unique and a real piece of artwork!

Original art
in small size to hang on walls, placing it or laying it down on shelves. To collect and puzzle.
Made in real handwork with the love to detail.

Size of every piece: 10 x 10 x 3 cm (approx. 4 x 4 x 1 inches)
Object is on wood.

Your sweatheart unique and exclusiv put into scene!

Send me a photo of your own pet and order a piece of original pet-artwork in „Small Art“.
I only need a nice picture of your animal. Please pay attention to a good picture when it comes to details (nose, eyes etc.) This original will be reproduced in the proper vintage style or shaby-chic-style and a new amazing individual artwork will occur!

This is how your „Small Art“ piece of artwork could look like:

Let me create a mini portrait of your pet in vintage-style.
Call me or send me an email. I am looking forward to your request!